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OLAPLEX No.3 Hair Perfector 100ml


It is the third part of the treatment that revolutionized the global hairdressing industry. By using it and having preceded Olaplex No1 and Olaplex No2 in the salon, you can keep your hair unbreakable, ensuring the avoidance of scissors and broken ends!

Four important pieces of information provide the answer: 1. The disulfide bonds that OLAPLEX regenerates and corrects are the most important bonds of the hair because they constitute 90% of its strength 2. They break when a color change, perm or straightening is done 3. The easiest way to break them is to change the pH. OLAPLEX balances the pH in combination with the other products and brings it to the ideal value of 5.5 4. Disulfide bonds are those that retain the keratin protein, which if lost cannot regenerate naturally

Application instructions • Olaplex No 3 is applied to either wet (well tamponized) or dry hair. The hair should not have a product, if it has then you should wash it • Divide the hair into 4 or 6 parts and put a generous amount on your hand • Apply from the root to the ends and comb • Leave it for 30 minutes overnight * and then

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